Monday, April 14, 2014


Ronin was due for his feet to get trimmed, so on Tuesday, the farrier came out to reset his shoes.  We put him back in steel for the extra support, so he didn't need a new set.  Unlike the aluminum, which you pretty much have to get new every time since they wear down quickly, the steel shoes can last more than one shoeing cycle.  Ronin has had some trouble keeping his shoes, so we I tried him in a new invention that was created in the UK.  He tends to play in his TO and pull his shoes while leaping about.  I was tired of having to re-shoe him every 2-3 weeks due to a lost shoe.  So, I found these online, Shoe Secure.  Here are the benefits of these devices:
  • Prevents shoe loss and hoof damage from over-reaching
  • Accommodates a range of horseshoe sizes, including remedial shoes.
  • Quick and Easy to fit using two bespoke SupaStuds
  • Re-usable on successive shoes.
  • Durable, flexible and light weight giving months of use
  • Highly refined product design crafted to maximise protection without impacting performance or gait
  • Allows the farrier to properly balance the shoe on the hoof providing adequate support for the heels
  • Allows freedom of airflow to avoid risk of infection or fungal problems

Thankfully, they came in black!
Such a cutie :)
So, 6 weeks ago, we drilled and tapped the front shoes (adding a hole to the shoe and creating the thread) so that we can use these (basically, they are a "shield" that protects the back and sides of the shoe).  Well, I have to say, they worked!  He went a full shoeing cycle and the shoes never budged.  They are pretty easy to put on too.  Once I get the holes cleaned out and prepped (granted, the longest part of the task), they only take about 1 minute per foot to put on.  Super easy and they work.  They are only used in turnout and I remove them to ride.  When I remove them, I check his heels to make sure there are no rubs.  When it is wet outside, I put some petroleum jelly on his heels to seal out moisture and it works great.

Ronin likes to give kisses when he is finishing up his feet :)

Ronin's Shoe Secures:


  1. Neat little gadgets, never heard of them before. Do you have a picture of the black ones on Ronin? I'd like to see what they look like in something other than Blind Me Yellow. :)

  2. I'll take a picture tomorrow when I go to the barn.