Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rain Rain GO AWAY!

So, this weekend ended a little different than anticipated.  We had torrential down pours slated for this weekend.  The host college decided to cancel the last show of the season (and with good reason!).  Many inches of rain this weekend which created very sloppy conditions, which were not safe to ride in.

Therefore, I was unable to compete and did not qualify on the flat.  Oh well.  However, I am now going to Nationals in the O/F class!  So instead of going to the IHSA show, I ended up helping out at the MD Spring Festival at the PG Equestrian Center with a few of our riders.  They were showing in the covered arena.  After a very long day (I started at 4am to braid the pony and two horses) and not getting back to the barn til 7:30pm, I promptly drove up to the house, showered and passed out...zzzz....

Woke up the next day, rode Mr. Ronin, then carpooled to the Regional show on Sunday.  Since I was already at the barn, I was picked up by friend's parents and off to the show.  It was quite short and the show didn't start til 11am (yay!!!).  Many of the classes only had 1-2 riders qualify, so those classes did not run as those riders were going straight to Zones.  Only 1 fences class and 3 flat classes had more than 2 riders, so it was a quick show (over at noon).  The rider I was supporting rode well and ended up third in her first Regionals class ever (in the largest class - 7).  Happy she rode well, but unfortunately, you have to be 1st or 2nd to move on to Zones.  So I will be going to Zones next weekend without them (which is sad because I have had so much fun with them this year).  But the good thing is I will be carpooling with the other alumni and one of her riders so we can share gas and hotel.  It will be a fun weekend and I am very excited :)

Long weekend with lots of weather.  So much rain and now it's snowing again!
Rain/Snow outside my window

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  1. That was a short horseshow! Congrats on Zones for fences....Flat is boring anyway :)