Monday, April 14, 2014

MSA April

So this past Sunday, Ronin went to a show, the Maryland Saddle Association.  We signed up to do the Warm Up trip, the Adult Amateur (AA) hunters, and the MHSA Adult Medal.  I got there at 7:30 am to cheer on our lead line rider and to help feed and get the horses settled (they came in on Saturday).  My division was the last one, so it was a lot of waiting around, and I mean a lot.  My classes didn't end up going until about 6:30/7pm (and that was after they had moved 3 large divisions out of our ring to another one).  Ronin was a little grumpy about having to go so late, but good thing he likes to jump.  So to past the time, two littler girls groomed him and he was in heaven!

Loving life - two kids grooming him
Checking out all the horses at the show passing by
Even though it was late and the lights were on, he was quite good.  A little quick and fiesty, but still well behaved.  We had nice trips in the division and received 1st and 2nd!  He was third in the hack, which is fine since he really does not move great.  Then it was time for the medal class.  We had a decent trip and a great flat phase.  And won!  So excited.  The medal takes the top 20 over the year for the final so this is a good start.  After all the classes were over, they announced Champion and Reserve and we were Champion!  Great way to wrap up the very long day.  Didn't get home til 10pm, quick shower and passed out.  Hopefully will have video soon as one of the fathers video-ed the rounds.  Will update later.

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