Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pre-Season Show Prep

First show of the season is fast approaching...this weekend! Yikes, how did that come so quickly.  Praying for decently warm weather as we have had several snow storms the past few weeks.

First order of business...shots and coggins...check.
The vet came out last weekend to administer some vaccines and pull the coggins blood test.  We will then give the rest of the vaccines a little later so that we don't overload their system all at once.

Next order of prep....part one
Well, since the weekend was so nice and I was at the barn for the vet, I decided to do some show prep early instead of at the last minute.  I bathed Ronin's legs and tail (since those were both yellow/brown), clipped his muzzle, ears, bridle path, etc.  Pulled the mane, organized my show box, did laundry...

Part two...okay, so the clean horse only lasted one day...but at least I got most of the stains out the first time and can do a smaller clean up job the day before the show...and most likely the morning of as well.

On Saturday, we head up to McDonogh in Owings Mills to show.  There are a couple of girls from the barn going to the show as well, so this will be a small trip for the barn. Here goes nothing!

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