Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Hi all...This is my first blog and I thought to try and write down my experiences of showing my first full season of competition after not competitively showing since I was a junior (geez...last time I truly showed my own horse was when I was 15/16 yrs old).  So it's been 11 years since I have had to plan a show season, deal with expenses, and all of the work it takes for a full competition calendar.  Well...here goes nothing!

Now, this is not to say I haven't been showing at all nor riding at all; I have been regularly riding and showing other's horses occasionally, just not my own horse.  I also competed in IHSA in college, but again, that does not involve my horse, but showing up and riding a random horse in one over fences class and one flat class.  So I have not had to prep my own and get both myself and my horse to the ring in an organized and calm fashion.

When I was a junior, I showed at a very large barn in Southern California and when I was in top showing shape, I did a lot of my own prep and work, but we still had grooms and the like.  It was a premier A show barn with all of the perks...and expenses.  Now, I am supporting  myself and my horse (well...with the help of my mom with boarding expenses - Thanks Mom!!!), but the rest is on me.  I am very fortunate that my mom can still help me with board, but the goal of this is to get my horse some real show experience and hopefully lease him out so another can enjoy him too.
Gotham City 3'6" Medal Class in 2003
I have had my horse for almost 7 years now.  I bought him as an unraced OTTB (Jockey Club name "This Roan Can Run") at 3 years old in 2007.  Ronin is 17hh (only 16.1hh when I bought him!).  He is 10 now and really does not have a ton of experience.  I have taken him to a few shows (Baby Green at 4 yrs old, Pre-Green hunter at 5 - one show each, etc.) and he was quite good, but that was a long time ago (due to college and moving for work, he was turned out for a few years).

First time free jumping at 3 yrs old
His first time jumping under saddle at 4 yrs old 
Home Show doing only under saddle classes
I am now at a smaller barn in Maryland (moved to the East Coast for work) where we are planning on showing at the MHSA Regional level.  These are local shows that are not USEF rated.  My goals for this year is to successfully show Ronin in the Adult Amateurs Hunters (3') and to qualify the Adult Amateur Medal Final (3' Equitation) in August.  I hope to get around safely and to simply have fun.  He absolutely loves to jump and is a blast to ride.  My biggest problem is just keeping him clean!  At this barn, we do all of our own work and prep, which I actually love to do.  Knowing exactly what my horse is getting and doing all of my own work is very rewarding.  So here's to having a fun show season!

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