Thursday, August 14, 2014

Still a little side tracked

So I know it has been awhile since I posted, but that is because after Ronin's abscess healed in his left front, he got another in the right front.  He was very sore.  So back to stall rest and wait for the abscess to pop.  It took two weeks of soaking and poulticing and a very unhappy horse when it finally popped right next to his heel.   Once it was healed, it took almost a week to get an appointment with a farrier to put shoes back on.

The farriers are having a very tough time this summer in Maryland.  They all say that they are behind in shoes and getting emergency calls almost every day with thrown shoes (some half off or ripping up a lot of foot).  With all the flies and the dry weather, the horses are stomping off their shoes.  I am very happy that I bought Ronin some fly boots to try and help with stomping.  It seems that you put on fly spray and 2 minutes later, the flies are back.  Finally got shoes on him yesterday and lunged him and he looked great!  I think he was very happy to be able to work and move around besides just hand walking.  He was very happy to be able to back out in his field.  He was so tired of stall rest!

So now it's time to get him back to work for the end of the show season.  We missed a lot of showing, but I'm looking forward to just having some fun for the rest of the year.

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