Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pictures from May shows

One of the girls from my barn took some shots of Ronin at the last show :)
Such the pony face

Really happy about my eq here
and here too; I have a hard time getting my heels down due to various injuries, so yay!
grooming after showing to clean up and take off martingale
He loves getting his face brushed
Schooling, gettin' ready to show


  1. omg he is cute!! looks like a great set of pics you got :)

  2. Y'all look great! He has a very classic look.

  3. Such great shots! Ronin looks adorable in the first picture and I love how relaxed and "owning his space" he looks in the third. Plus, he almost makes you look small :)

    1. He is a big boy. All 17hh of him. He just looks so happy and boy does he love to jump :)